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Conservation Professionals FAQ

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Why WaterDex?

Because it’s simple: The WaterDex receiver retro-fits to any existing irrigation timer by connecting just 4 wires regardless of the number of watering zones. Then, with a turn of a dial, the WaterDex wireless remote control may be used to adjust the entire irrigation system without having to re-program the timer.

Because it’s convenient: The wireless remote may be placed on a kitchen counter-top, stuck to the side of the refrigerator, or mounted next to the garage door opener. Because WaterDex is never out of sight, outdoor irrigation is never out of mind. By simply setting the WaterDex dial to any value between 0 and 100%, the entire outdoor irrigation system is easily controlled.

Because it’s a responsible solution: Retro-fitting to existing timers is less expensive than replacing timers, keeps perfectly good timers out of our landfills, and is more environmentally responsible.

Is WaterDex installation and operation really that simple?

For a better answer to that question, please view the brief video below:

What is the science behind WaterDex?

The Watering Index is based on ET data (evapotranspiration) that measures the loss of water evaporated from the soil and transpired by plants. ET is calculated from specialized weather stations that measure such information as solar radiation, air temperature, relative humidity and wind velocity. ET values are primarily dependent on the amount of solar radiation. A watering schedule should be designed to periodically replace the amount of water lost via ET.

The Watering Index compares the average ET data for the most recent week with the highest average weekly ET value recorded over the last 10 years. The historical high occurs in July and equals 100% on the Watering Index.

The graph below shows a typical ET curve and the step-curve created from Watering Index values calculated over a twelve-month period. The third curve shows the water used when the irrigation schedule is adjusted just twice a year – a common approach for many people.

Think of the WaterDex remote control as a wireless Water Budget dial. Just as the Water Budget dial found on many timers, the wireless WaterDex dial may be adjusted from 0% to 100%. After installing WaterDex, the sprinkler timer is adjusted to the typical July/August settings which represent a Water Budget of 100%. The science behind WaterDex is in how to properly determine which value the WaterDex remote dial should be set.

One method for determining how to set your WaterDex is by implementing the Watering Index principal. The Watering Index principal is based on EvapoTranspiration (ET) and was developed by Mr. John Wynn of The State of California Department of Water Resources. Simply stated, the Watering Index Value is the current ET value for your area as a percentage of the highest average ET value over the previous 10 years. Once calculated, adjusting the WaterDex dial to the Watering Index Value is a simple way of adjusting your sprinkler system to local weather conditions.

Thanks to Noaa other weather resources within the United States we now have daily ET values at a 2 sq. km resolution for the entire country. By visiting the WaterDex website at http://www.waterdex.com and entering your zip code, your Watering Index is instantly and automatically calculated for you. Or, you may also choose to register to have your weekly Watering Index automatically e-mailed or sent via text message to your mobile phone once per week.

So implementing WaterDex still requires homeowner participation. Wouldn’t a completely automated device be more effective?

Possibly, however automation and circumventing the homeowner does not address the entire problem, nor does it effect the type of behavioral change desirable for true sustainability. When we developed WaterDex, we were striving for a product that would have broad appeal, something that our neighbors, friends and families would not just be able to use, but something that they would be excited to use. For the vast majority of us, this means that the product has to be simple, convenient, and affordable. We applaud the development and ongoing innovation in weather-based controllers; we just don’t see them as an affordable or practical tool for most of our neighbors, friends and families. On the other hand, everyone understands a dial, and we believe that in order for Water Districts and entire communities to achieve meaningful aggregate water savings, the entire community has to be on board. For this to occur, innovations must be simple, convenient and affordable. That said, we do offer a fully automated WaterDex solution that requires an Internet connection. For more information about our Internet based solution please contact us directly.

Our Water Agency is considering mandatory rationing as a method to reduce outdoor water consumption, how can WaterDex help?

WaterDex was developed in Southern California where water rationing is becoming common place. We developed WaterDex in the hope that the implementation of WaterDex and similar innovations can help Water Agencies across the country work together with their service areas and avoid having to implement water rationing. While we don’t like having our water rationed, we are not alone and we understand that occasionally water rationing is unavoidable. Please follow this link for more information on how WaterDex may be used in conjunction with your Agency’s Water Rationing objectives: link to Water Rationing Program.

We hope that the above information has answered some of your questions about WaterDex. The following links will provide you with information about specific Water Conservation Programs and program support materials that can be made available for your Water Agency. For additional information including wholesale pricing please contact us at +1 949 540 0645 or send an e-mail toprograms@waterdex.com.