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Wireless Sprinkler Controller for Automatic Watering Systems


With weather conditions and watering requirements changing daily, it’s critical to ensure your plants are getting just the right amount of water. So how much water does your yard need? WaterDex will do the calculations for you! We deliver a nationwide zip code specific watering index number to you every day. You can get your daily water index value right here on our site or better yet sign up for automated reminders. Simply receive your index and turn the dial to that specific number. Stop overwatering and overspending. WaterDex is simple to use and simple to save.


Water Conservation Initiative!

Wireless sprinkler controller for automatic watering systems, water saving sprinklers for smart lawn care and green grass.



  • STEP 1: Install WaterDex to your existing irrigation timer in less than 10 minutes

  • STEP 2: Get your custom watering index # by entering your zip code  OR by signing up for automatic weekly reminders

  • STEP 3: Adjust the remote control dial to the index number

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Why do you need WaterDex?

The WaterDex Story

Remote control for your sprinkler timer to save water in the daily lawn care to get green grass with the existing California regulations. Retrofit existing irrigation timers for water saving sprinklers.

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